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–    Is the Kayla Itsines program easy? Although it takes effort to lose weight, some programs are unrealistic and have expectations that match. These programs only add frustration to the process of losing weight. However, this program outshines the rest in many ways, with thousands of satisfied users since its initial release.

–    How does the program work? There is a lot of details provided, but it is broken down in easy-to understand format that you get over the course of three months. The program is made to help you succeed, and you get a lot of information about your lifestyle, nutrition and eating habits, workout plans, and more with this program.

–    Pros/Cons: there is no perfect product, so you can only expect a few things to be disappointing about the BBG. If there are cons, this review will tell all.

–    Why the BBG is better than the other weight loss programs out there. You won’t find another weight loss program of its kind. This one is made to help you get rid of the weight fast, without making any drastic changes to your lifestyle. It is simple to use, and easy too.

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