One of the hardest things that you will experience is having to live in a place in the summer where you do not have any air conditioning, or you are not allowed to turn it up beyond a certain figure. Let us say that you are staying at a college dorm or some other place like this. They will rarely have AC in the dorms, which means that you will be spending days and nights in the room with no AC. This can get quite unbearable, unless you use a few tricks to get by. Here is what you can do.

The first thing that you will want to do is spend most of the day elsewhere. If you are in a dorm type of housing situation, then you may want to spend time in other parts of the college, or at a library. Unless you have a job or some place you need to be, the library is a great spot where you can spend time. They have air conditioning and they usually have internet too. So, you can spend the hottest parts of the day in there, instead of melting in your dorm room. It will help a lot.

Now you will have to sleep in the room where you have no AC, but there are solutions. If the temperature outside drops to below 80 degrees, you should always open up your windows. This will help a lot. It lets air in and it will cool down the room. It is even better if you get a box fan and you put it in the window, and point it inward. This will blow in cooler air from outside to cool down the room. You can also point another fan at yourself. If you are still hot, you can wet your bedsheets before you spread them, and the evaporation will keep you cool as you fall asleep!